Board of Directors


Elizabeth Foote

John Flynn
1st Vice President

Arthur Aznavorian
2nd Vice President

Nino Dilanni

Mary McCann


Dave Bayer, Larry Chelmow
Maryann Hall, Eva Karger

Erika Kliem, Jim Mitcheson

George Murray, William Rosen

Bob Ruckstuhl, Eric Thorgerson

Ed Wade
Osborn Steet Plaques

Street View of Plaques

PRA's Dr Land Plaque

Am. Chemical Society 

Davenport Plaque   

Bell Plaque
Membership Roster

In Response to Readers' requests,  A  Membership list is now available and will include only the Name, City and State of our Members.

If you would like to contact individuals on the membership list,
please email

We will contact the individuals that you are interested
in reaching and give them your contact information.
They can contact you if they wish.

Please respect our members privacy. We hope you enjoy connecting with old friends.